Refill units

Compact solution for uninterrupted production

To ensure uninterrupted production, automated refilling of the material pressure tanks is essential. DOPAG offers various compact refill units for this purpose. The fill level probe in the material pressure tanks enables refilling to be started automatically from a defined material quantity. This ensures that there is always sufficient conditioned material available for production and machine downtime is avoided. 

Depending on the material type, the following refill units are available: 

  • If the material needs to be stirred cyclically, this can be performed using an agitator and cyclic operation. Homogenisation during drum change is also possible.
  • For more fluid systems, in particular, isocyanate, DOPAG offers refilling via a membrane pump.
  • Silica gel air drying for use with media sensitive to atmospheric moisture

  • Depending on material consumption, 200 L drums or 20/30 L containers can be selected. Refilling from 1,000 L containers is also possible. In the case of non-self-levelling materials, DOPAG offers a wide range of drum and barrel pumps.
  • Dual refill units are optionally available for quick, convenient drum changes. Here, two material drums are positioned side by side on the collection tray, and the drums are replaced by swivelling the bell housing.