Technical Center
Testing Facility for Metering and Mixing Equipment

Testing of metering and mixing equipment in DOPAG Technology Centre

We make sure we've found the best solution for your application!

Are you looking for the right plant engineering to process your material and do you want to make sure that the final product comes up to your expectations? We perform application-related tests for our customers at our in-house Technology Centre.

Quality is our top priority: We test newly developed metering and mixing systems in our own laboratory – comprehensively and with great precision. Our team of experienced application engineers and technicians takes the same care when helping our customers to test specific applications with their own materials.

Today’s metering systems are part of a complex chain of production especially on highly-automated production lines, in which every step has to be perfect. This can improve if you can ensure, before installing a new metering and mixing system, that the plant runs reliably with a specific material in any given application. We are happy to check this for you at the DOPAG Technology Centre.

Comprehensive automated equipment for tests in line with customer requirements
To do this, we provide a comprehensive product portfolio of demonstration components and systems. In addition to various pump technologies, various material supply types and various mixing systems that are available. A range of automation technology is also available for tests that can be integrated into the test set-up. For example, we can check whether an automated system, equipped with the desired material, can precisely follow the contour of a component and apply the material being metered with the required degree of precision.

Investigation of material properties
We also have a broad portfolio of measurement and test equipment to verify material properties such as viscosity and density. Based on the results, we offer comprehensive customer consulting and recommendations for a system.

Cooperation on a partnership basis
We collaborate closely with you along the process, and where appropriate with the material manufacturer in conducting tests. We then provide our customers with comprehensive and scientifically elaborated test documentation.

Don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to validate your system design and ensure in co-operation with you that your future system will support successful production.