eldodis: Metering system for 1K adhesives and sealants

Continuous metering ensures high process reliability

DOPAG developed the eldodis gear metering system specially for the processing of medium to high-viscosity single-component materials. The material is input via a feed pump, a material pressure tank or by means of a cartridge-extracting device. A material pressure regulator ensures constant input pressure. A shut-off valve can optionally be installed in front of this to provide additional protection for the gear metering pump. The metering pump, powered by a gear motor, conveys the material to a dispensing valve where continuous material discharge takes place via a nozzle or cannula.

The conveying capacity of the system is largely determined by the size of the gear metering pump and the pump speed. The latter can be controlled by means of a frequency converter built into the control unit. A volume counter can be installed downstream of the gear metering pump to check or also control the metered quantity in a closed loop and to increase process reliability. All components are connected to a metering control unit. This also enables integration into partially or fully automated production or assembly processes through all standard interfaces.

Technical specifications

Material discharge from 1 ml/min, depending on viscosity
Operating pressure up to 200 bar, depending on material and discharge rate
Material supply Material pressure tanks 4, 12, 24, 45, 60 or 90 L, larger available on request and/or barrel pumps
Viscosity range 50 to 80,000 mPa s, with material pressure tank max. 150,000 mPa s, with barrel pumps*
Material properties Unfilled, filled, abrasive
Operating voltage 400/230 VAC 3/N/PE / 50/60 Hz
Compressed air supply 6 bar max.
Dimensions, W x H x D modular structure, so no specific machine dimensions
Weight modular structure, so no specific machine weight
  * higher available on request, depending on rheological properties of material