evomix DF: Potting of dialysis filters

High precision and reliability for potting of two-part polyurethane

The production of medical devices always requires particularly high levels of care and accuracy. The production process for dialysis filters is no different. The filters contain a membrane with thousands of hollow fibers, which must be effectively secured in place to allow blood flow in and out of the membrane.

DOPAG has developed a special metering and mixing system for this task: high precision and reliability make the evomix DF system a perfect solution for potting of components with two-part polyurethane. The system is characterised by an interruption-free, continuous supply of material and can be integrated into a fully automated production line. The mixing head of the evomix DF is certified for use in cleanrooms.

Technical specifications

  evomix DF
Material discharge 100 ml - 900 ml / min, depending on mixing ratio and viscosity
Mixing ratio 100 : 20 - 100:80, volumetric
Working pressure 100 bar max.
Mixing system Static-dynamic: 2K valve / Plastic mixer tube
Material supply 90 and 120 l material pressure vessels
Viskosity range 50 - 80.000 mPas, with material pressure vessels
Material characteristics Unfilled, filled, abrasive
Power supply 400/230 VAC 3/N/PE / 50/60 Hz
Maximum air inlet pressure 6 bar max.
Dimensions, W x H x D from 1.250 x 2.050 x 2.600 mm
Weight from 1.500 kg


  • Welded frame
  • 120 l stainless steel material pressure vessels
  • Material pressure vessels with:
    • Level control
    • Automatic refilling
    • Automatic degassing
  • Gear metering pumps with with overpressure protection
  • Pump drive mechanism: Three-phase asynchronous motors
  • Control or regulation of mixing ratio and discharge rate with
  • Static-dynamic mixing system
    • 2K valve with separate material supply
    • static mixer tube, plastic
  • Automatic cycle
  • Metering computer with realtime multitasking operating
    system (64 metering programmes storage capacity)
  • 7“ colour touch screen terminal


  • Refilling pumps
  • 90 l stainless steel material pressure vessels
  • Material pressure vessels with:
    • Agitation
    • Thin film degassing
    • Nitrogen flushing
  • Membrane pump on pressure vessel outlet
  • Pump drive mechanism: Servomotors
  • Additional wear protection on gear pumps
  • Gear pump with magnetic coupling
  • Mixer element fault monitoring
  • Heating
  • Temperature measurement directly in material flow
  • Stainless steel wetted parts
  • 9“ colour touch screen terminal
  • Profibus/Profinet interface
  • Twin model with two metering and mixing systems