Valves and pumps for dispensing technology
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World’s unique metering technology kit for lubricants, adhesives and sealants

Precise metering application. High repeatability. Low lifecycle costs.

Whether you’re a system integrator, user or manufacturer of dispensing systems, DOPAG offers everything you need. We have nearly five decades of experience in the processing of lubricants, adhesives, sealants and potting compounds.

Try our ‘metering technology kit’ and find exactly the component you need for your system. Whether it’s metering valves, dispensing valves, material pressure regulators or drum pumps, we are your point of contact when it comes to metering greases, oils, adhesives or sealants.

With metering technology from DOPAG your production operations will be simple, safe and efficient.

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  • World’s largest selection of top-quality products

  • Customer-specific product development

  • Comprehensive technical documentation

  • Rapid availability of replacement parts

  • DOPAG locations worldwide for comprehensive customer support

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Whatever you need, we’ve got the solution: Depending on your requirements, we provide piston, gear or progressive cavity pump technology. The various material supply systems can be combined with our metering and dispensing valves for dot, bead or spray application.

We are taking account of all key factors such as material properties, cycle times and temperature. Precise measuring devices allow a reliable process monitoring and reproducibility, e.g. with flow meters, pressure sensors, etc.

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