Pumps for lubricants

Feed grease reliably

The drum pumps of the lubriLine product range have been specially developed for the efficient processing of lubricants in consistency classes NLGI 0 to 4. Their robustness ensures a long service life and smooth operation. Users also benefit from a high ease of maintenance.

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Benefits for you

  • Individual configuration

  • User-friendly and ergonomic 2-hand operation

  • Material circulation and homogenisation prevent material separation

  • Drum bottom detection to minimise material loss when changing containers

  • Automatic follower plate deairing to make changing containers easier

  • Clean, oil-free high-performance drives

Individually configurable 

The modular design enables individually configured pumps for every requirement. Depending on customer requirements, the drum and barrel pump can be expanded with various options such as mixers, filters or an external communication for monitoring and control purposes.

Ensuring high-quality processing 

In order to reduce the system pressure during downtimes and prevent material separation, a pressure release or homogenisation unit can be optionally integrated. When the pressure is relieved, it is ensured that the pump and ram pressure are relieved. In the homogenisation unit, the material is additionally circulated by being transported through a mixer and from there back into the container by a circulation circuit.

Reducing waste 

To reduce material waste when changing containers, it is also possible to use drum bottom detecion. This is fitted on the follower plate and ensures that the container is emptied to a minimum residual amount.
Automatic follower plate deairing is also optionally available, which ensures a correct deairing process when changing containers. The risk of operating errors is reduced, whilst air pockets and unnecessary material waste are prevented.

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Product features 

  • Sizes for 30, 80 and 200 litres
  • For feeding lubricants in NLGI classes 0–4
  • Flow rate of up to 3 litres/minute
  • Pressure ratio up to 56:1 
  • Double-acting piston pumps with fast-switching air motor
  • 1- or 2-hand operation 
  • Modular design with various extensions and accessories

Technical specifications

Basic version P30-LL P80-LL P200-LL
Tandem X X X
1-hand control X X -
2-hand control X X X
Pressure ratio 11:1 / 33:1 33.5:1 / 56:1 11:1 / 33:1 / 48:1
Flow rate (1/min) 1.2 0.9 1.2-3
Viscosity range (NLGI) 0-4 0-4 0-4
Operating pressure (bar) 10-70 / 30-160 30-200 / 50-250 30-160 / 100-250
Maximum pressure (bar) 250 355 400
Max. air consumption (l/min) 350-950 1,000-1,500 250 / 350 / 950
Base plate dimensions (mm) 600 x 550 600 x 550 900 x 600
Retracted height (mm) 1100 1470 1560
Extended height (mm) 1570 2230 2560
Max. container size 30 80 200
Max. container height (mm) 450 750 880
Max. container outer Ø (mm) 455 440 600
Weight (basic version) (kg) 66 74 125

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