Pressure tanks

Thin fluids delivered effortlessly

Low-viscosity media such as oils can be delivered to the point of application directly from pressure tanks by means of compressed air. The tanks can serve either as buffer storage within a metering system or as the main system supply. They are available in various sizes and with options, to accommodate different application requirements. With visual level indicators and electric level sensors, you will always be aware how much material is left in the tank. Alternatively, DOPAG pressure tanks are also available with mounting fixtures.


  • For low viscosity media such as paint, oils and preservatives
  • Modular construction
  • Input pressure max. 6 bar
  • Bottom outlet with ball valve
  • Max. viscosity 80'000 mPas


  • Air maintenance device
  • Material filter on outlet
  • Agitator
  • Fill level sensors
  • Heating sleeve
  • Gauge glass

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Overview pressure tanks

  0.4 l 2.0 l (1.8 l) 5.0 l (3.5 l) 10 l (9 l) 20 l (15 l)
Standard module
with connection
for pneumatic
and material
Tank with agitator       X X
Tank with analog
level sensor
  X X X X
Tank with digital
level sensor
  X X X X
Tank with agitator,
analog level sensor
Tank with agitator,
digital level sensor
Tank with agitator,
refilling adapter
      X X
Tank with agitator,
analog level sensor,
refilling adapter
Tank with agitator,
digital level sensor,
refilling adapter