Continuous dosing of lubricants, adhesives and sealants

Membrane dispensing valve ensures a clean application and a high reliability

The membrane dispensing valve can be used wherever lubricants, adhesives and sealants have to be applied continuously, for example in the automotive industry or in others sectors. It works on the principle of pressure-time dosing. The pressurized material is conveyed, for example through drum pumps, to the dispensing valve and the valve is opened for a certain period of time. In combination with a robot, the fully automated application of beads in different shapes and angles is possible. This is ensured by various adapters and needle tips. In combination with a gear flow meter, the flow rate can be precisely monitored and thus the high process reliability required in the automotive industry can be achieved. 

In general, membrane dispensing valves are suitable for low to high viscosity, filled or unfilled, abrasive or chemically reactive 1K fluids. Part of the valve structure is an integrated membrane that separates the pneumatic and the metering parts of the valve. As a result, only the valve head and the membrane come in contact with the material. The size of the orifice is regulated by stroke adjustment. The snuff-back mechanism prevents effectively material dripping after shot completion.

Membrane dispensing valves for continuous dosing

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