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Metering Valves

The most accurate way of metering greases, oils, adhesives and sealants with high precision

Our metering valves allow you to work safely, efficiently and with high precision. Metering valves dispense low to high-viscosity greases, oils, adhesives and sealants and are used in all areas of industry.

Our needle and chamber metering valves dispense volumetrically. In each metering cycle, the contents of the metering chamber are discharged in dots, triggered by a signal. The volume can be adjusted precisely and repeated with an extremely high level of precision in mass production. Metering valves are pneumatically controlled and cover shot sizes of 0.001 ml to 100 ml.

Benefits for you

  • World’s largest selection of top-quality products

  • Customer-specific product development

  • Comprehensive technical documentation

  • Rapid availability of replacement parts

  • DOPAG locations worldwide for rapid on-site service

The right valve for every shot size

The needle metering valve is suitable for very small quantities from 0.001 to 3 ml per shot. Compared to the needle metering valve, the chamber metering valve covers a wider range of metering quantities up to 100 ml per shot.

The metering valves can be easily integrated into automated production lines. If manual application is necessary, DOPAG’s hand-held metering valve offers a quick and convenient solution for use in manual workplaces.

The portfolio comprises different series and various sizes, so that the right valve is available for every application. Special fittings and adapters enable use even in complex situations.

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