gelcomix: gelcoat application system

Surface protection of composites done well

The gelcomix has been especially developed for processing highly thixotropic materials onto the untreated surfaces of rotor blades. Output rates of up to 5 l/min can be achieved with gear metering pumps, which are also suitable for abrasive fillers. Depending on the configuration, the following pumps can be used for the B component, also magneti- cally coupled: axial piston pumps, radial piston pumps or gear pumps. The material is supplied from material pressure vessels that are installed on the chassis of this mobile system. With gelcomix technology, materials with viscosities of up to the flow limit can not only be applied but the mixing ratios are also adjustable within a wide range.


  • Control cabinet and material supply mounted onto a mobile chassis

  • Material pressure vessel with level control monitoring

  • Metering pumps with overpressure protection

  • Coated metering pump of the A-component with ceramic glide ring sealing

  • Three-phase asynchronous motor

  • Control and regulation of mixing ratio by use of high resolution volume counters

  • Material feed detection sensor to ensure process safety

  • Mast, boom and balancer to handle the manual mixing-gun mounted on the chassis

  • Emergency backup of control parameters in case of a power failure


  • Metering pump of the B-component with magnetic coupling

  • On chassis 200 kg direct feeding for A-component

  • Automatic refilling

  • Electrical heating system

  • Cabinet cooling

  • Hose and cable reel system

  • On board compressor

  • Remote monitoring and analytics with production reports

  • Remote diagnostics

Technical specifications

  1. Flow rate

    1 – 5 l/min (approx. 1.3 – 7 kg/min)
    depending on mixing ratio and viscosity

  2. Mixing ratio

    100:10 - 100:100, volumetric

  3. Material supply

    Drum pump, pressure vessels

  4. Viscosity range

    100 mPas - 80.000 mPas

  5. Material characteristics

    Unfilled, filled, abrasive

  6. Power supply

    3 × 400 V / 50 Hz

  7. Air supply

    6 bar

  8. Dimensions L × W × H

    2.500 × 1.100 × 4.100 mm

  9. Weight

    approx. 1.500 kg

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