compomix DI: dispensing system for composites processing

Perfect dispensing of epoxy and polyurethane

DOPAG developed the compomix DI specifically for use in infusion processes in the production of rotor blades for wind power generators. The metering and mixing system can be used for direct infusion process with a deviation of less than ± 1 % of the mixing ratio. Depending on the system configuration, magnetically-coupled, leakage-free pumps that are hermetically sealed at the drive end are used to feed hygroscopic hardeners. The metering system range for the processing of unfilled infusion resins combines highly accurate metering pumps with extremely fast control technology. Metering is carried out from a regulated by-pass so that the normal initial process of filling the mixing tube is avoided and the long distance between metering and mixing point does not impact the mixing ratio. In addition, the output rate can be changed during the meter- ing process at pre-defined levels – without exceeding the permitted tolerance limits of the metering ratio.



  • 2K system

  • Output rate 30 l/min and 60 l/min
  • Automatic ratio check with weighing scales
  • Control cabinet mounted onto a completely enclosed, mobile chassis
  • Metering pumps with overpressure protection
  • Metering pump of the B-component with magnetic coupling
  • Three-phase asynchronous motor
  • Control and regulation of mixing ratio by use ofhigh resolution volume counters
  • Multiple dosing line
  • Feeding directly from IBC‘ ́s or loccal ring feeding line
  • Emergency backup of control parameters in case of a  power failure


  • Remote monitoring and analytics with production reports

  • Remote diagnostics
  • Cabinet cooling

Technical specifications

Technical specifications
  1. Flow rate*

    5 - 60 l/min (approx. 6 – 70 kg/min)

  2. Mixing ratio

    100:15 – 100:80, volumetric as per typical infusion resins

  3. Material supply

    Circular pipeline, original container, pressure vessels

  4. Viscosity range

    10 mPas – 5.000 mPas

  5. Material characteristics


  6. Power supply

    3 × 400 V / 50 Hz

  7. Max. air inlet pressure

    6 bar

  8. Dimensions L × W × H

    1350 × 1850 × 2100 mm (compomix)

  9. Weight

    approx. 1500 kg

  10. *

    * Depending on mixing ratio and viscosity

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