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Metering and mixing technology for your market

We are at home in these markets

Metering and mixing technology is our passion. For more than four decades, we have been active in a wide variety of markets - from the automotive industry and household appliance production to rotor blade manufacturing. We are keen on every single industry, get deeply involved in the production processes and therefore understand exactly what is important for our customers. That's why we configure the metering and mixing systems exactly as you need them and for all applications: Greasing, bonding, sealing, potting and gasketing. A precise and process-stable metering, a reliable production and the highest quality standards are our top priorities.

Which system do you need for your next success? We look forward to your enquiry!

All markets at a glance

  1. We supply solutions for the automated application of lubricants, adhesives, sealants, sealing foams and thermal interface materials.

  2. Various applications are involved in the production of rotor blades. We offer the right metering and mixing technology for all work steps.

  3. Aircraft manufacturers have relied on our specially developed high-precision metering and mixing systems for decades, particularly in the production of fibre composite components.

  4. Side panels, cockpits, window panes: DOPAG metering and mixing systems process high-performance adhesives effectively and ensure lasting, reliable bonding of components.

  5. We offer metering and mixing systems for all production steps, from bonding and sealing, and potting and greasing, to gasketing.

  6. We offer standardised metering technology for the production of batteries and for other mobile energy applications.

  7. We offer high-precision metering and mixing systems for the potting of polyurethane, epoxy resin and silicone.

  8. For the bonding, sealing, potting and gasketing of all kinds of filters, DOPAG offers specially configured metering and mixing technology.

  9. We offer special metering technology for the potting of dialysis filters, as well as for the bonding, sealing and potting of medical products.

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