Chamber Metering Valves

Precise metering of lubricants

Chamber metering valves offer one of the most accurate ways of metering. They work according to the volumetric metering principle and process lubricants with high precision – without the need for additional monitoring and with little maintenance.

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Benefits for you

  • Up to 8 million shots with consistent accuracy thanks to the DOPAG Long Life Seal Concept

  • Metering accuracy < ±1 percent

  • Short cycle times

  • Reliable process even without additional monitoring

  • Clean break, absolutely uniform dot application

Work with repeat accuracy

Chamber metering valves work according to the volumetric metering principle. The material is discharged in shots via a metering piston. This results in a metering process that is insensitive to pressure fluctuations (25 – 150 bar). Benefit from maximum repeatability, reproducibility and process reliability.

The metering volume (0.05 to 100 ml) can be infinitely adjusted and fixed quickly and easily using a stop screw. The same valve can therefore be used for different metering quantities and end products.

Save time and money with our technology

With the DOPAG Long Life Seal concept, we have further improved the sealing technology of the series, which has been tried and tested over many years. Intensive field tests have shown that the valve applies approximately 1.2 million shots without leakage. Up to 8 million shots can be metered with consistent accuracy.

Reliable process without additional necessary monitoring

When filling and discharging the metering chamber, the metering piston is controlled by the material pressure. A stroke sensor monitors the movement of the metering piston and thus indirectly detects the material flow. This eliminates the need for a complex system for additional monitoring of the material flow.

Precise metering without dripping

The closing principle used generates a snuff-back effect at the material outlet. This prevents the material from dripping and ensures an accurate and clean thread break.

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Technical specifications:

  • Dot applications (volumetric metering)
  • Metering volume per shot 0.05–100.00 ml (four sizes available)
  • Metering accuracy < ±1 per cent
  • Viscosity range 1,000 to 1,000,000 mPas
  • Prepared for stroke sensor
  • Snuff-back effect

Matching accessories:

  • Solenoid valve plate 24 V
  • Spray adaptor
  • Signal transmitter with various cables
  • Cannula connection with various cannulas
  • Pneumatic/electric handle

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