Chamber metering valves

Extremely accurate and drip-free dosing of fluids

Filling: The valve is in the initial position when the control pressure applied on the compressed-air connection. The valve needle in the control valve is in the upper position, thus closing the material outlet. The material access to the metering chamber is open. The material enters the control valve by means of the material pressure and flows into the metering chamber. Due to the contact surface of the piston, the piston executes an upward stroke. The metering chamber fills up automatically to the pre-defined volume.

Metering: Material is metered when the compressed-air connection of the valve is charged with compressed air. The valve needle executes a downward stroke, thus closing the material access to the metering chamber. The material outlet opens. The material pressure has an effect on the piston step, which enters the metering chamber and feeds the material to the material outlet. An accurate metering volume is discharged. The snuff back effect carried out during the refilling, prevents the material from dripping after metering is finished.

Product Features

  • Valve body made of aluminium
  • High maximum working pressure
  • Snuff back effect
  • Pneumatic or electric operation


  • Solenoid valve plate
  • Stainless steel version
  • Fine adjustment
  • Initator receptacle: Monitoring the metering piston position
  • Manual handle with trigger for pneumatic or electric operation

Technical Specifications

Metering volume /
Shot, cm³
Material input pressure in bar
(Minimum - Maximum)
Weight approx. kg
0.050 - 0.50 15 - 150 0.50
0.100 - 3.00 15 - 150 0.60
0.500 - 12.00 15 - 150 1.95
5.000 - 100.00 15 - 150 4.10

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