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For more than 45 years DOPAG is a leading provider of high-quality metering, mixing and dispensing solutions. Wherever lubricants, adhesives, potting materials, composites and PU foam gaskets are applied in industrial production, we offer reliable solutions. DOPAG provides systems and components for many industries: from automotive, wind power, household appliances and filter to aerospace – and many more.

This is what you can expect from us:

  • All applications from one provider: We supply components as well as highly automated 1K and 2K dispensing systems for greasing, bonding, sealing, potting and gasketing.
  • Implementation of specific requirements: We configure and produce special systems according to your individual requirements.
  • Durability and precision: We have over 45 years of experience in metering and mixing technology. We continuously develop our products and set the highest standards for quality.
  • Worldwide sales and service: With our own subsidiaries and partners, we are on site in more than 40 countries and ensure that your solution is implemented at your worldwide production sites.

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  1. Metering mixing and applying thermally conductive silicone material

    The vectomix TC metering and mixing system from DOPAG processes thermally conductive materials precisely and cleanly. This application shows the processing of Wacker Semicosil 9672.

  2. Adhesive beading in the electronics industry

    Higher quantities in less time - For bonding housings for LED luminaires, DOPAG has configured an automated metering system that meets precisely these requirements.

  3. With automated production to the optimum PU foam gasket
    Technology, material and component - these three factors must be optimally coordinated for the automated production of PU foam gaskets. DOPAG and Stassen Industries GmbH advise customers together.
  4. FIPFG series production of PU foam gaskets for control cabinets

    SAE Schaltanlagenbau Erfurt relies on the dynamicLine from DOPAG for the individual production of control cabinets. We have visited them on site.

  5. Dispensing two different types of grease

    We configured an automated lubricant dispensing system that optimises production processes in the automotive industry.

  6. Dispensing systems for the production of hydrogen tanks

    The eldomix dispensing system fills an impregnation bath for the production of hydrogen tanks using the filament winding process.

  7. Dispensing of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) in medical technology, food industry and e-mobility

    Particularly strict conditions apply to production in the medical technology and food industries. A special configuration from DOPAG enables the use of the dispensing system in the clean room.

  8. How to switch from manual to machine application

    When is it beneficial to switch from manual dispensing to a metering and mixing machine? - We support you to identify all relevant influencing variables.

  9. High cost-effectiveness and a wide range of applications for PU foam gaskets

    Learn all about Form-In-Place-Foam Gasketing (FIPFG) and how it’s already begun revolutionizing engineering industries and applications around the world.

  10. Gaskets and electronics potting for wallbox production

    PU gaskets and potting compounds protect the sensitive electronics in a wallbox against dust, dirt and moisture. We offer solutions for both applications.

  11. Metering and mixing technology for the production of LNG tankers

    We offer dispensing systems for a reliable application of adhesives and sealants in the manufacturing of liquefied natural gas (LNG) transport tanks.

  12. Contactless application of grease and oil

    The contactless application of lubricants meets all conditions for complex, automated production processes and is now standard in many industries. We present the options.

  13. PU gaskets for recyclable HEPA filters

    With the dynamicLine, DOPAG provides an automated and clean application of PU foam gaskets on recyclable HEPA filters from the Swiss manufacturer Tecnofil.

  14. Precise bonding for the world’s first retractable solar roof

    The Swiss start-up dhp technology constructed the world’s first retractable solar roof. The individual modules are manufactured with dispensing technology from DOPAG.

  15. Gasketing and bonding of control cabinets

    With the dynamicLine, DOPAG offers a system for both applications and thus enables an efficient, automated series production.

  16. Manual application of lubricants

    DOPAG offers special dispensing stations for the manual application of lubricants. With the help of an adapter, components such as O-rings and other seals can be greased or oiled manually. 

  17. Coating self-adhesive labels with silicone

    Self-adhesive labels and stickers are produced with silicone coating via coating systems. We provide the metering system to ensure material feed.

  18. Potting electronics boards

    DOPAG provided a metering and mixing system for potting electronics boards for e-bike battery packs. 

  19. Serial production of PU foam gaskets in the automotive industry

    With the dynamicLine, DOPAG offers an efficient solution for series production of PU foam gaskets in all industries.

  20. Bonding and sealing in aircraft production

    The metering and mixing system volumix provides a smart solution for filling cartridges with adhesives and sealants in aircraft production.

  21. Automated bonding of filters

    For the production of plastic filter elements, DOPAG configured and automated metering and mixing system.

  22. Automated application of sealants

    DOPAG provides an individual solution for the application of one-component sealant in the production of cardan shafts for special vehicles.

  23. Series production of PU foam gaskets

    With the dynamicLine, DOPAG offers an efficient solution for series production of PU foam gaskets in all industries.

  24. Metering and mixing system for adhesive bonding of automotive components

    DOPAG develops a metering and mixing system for adhesive bonding of automotive components to ensure uniform standards worldwide.

  25. Valves for grease spraying in furniture production

    DOPAG offers furniture manufacturers flexible and reliable solutions for the automated application of lubricants.

  26. Efficient handling of components during dispensing sealing foam

    For the automated application of PU gaskets to control cabinet doors, DOPAG provides a dynamic mixing system in combination with a linear robot and shuttle sliding tables.

  27. Honeycomb potting of sandwich panels

    With the dispensing system coredis, the honeycomb core of sandwich panels, which are used for the interior of aircraft, could be filled homogeneously.

  28. Sealant dispensing for truck manufacturer

    DOPAG successfully supported a truck manufacturer with a dispensing system for the manual application of a single-component sealant.

  29. Valves for the contactless spray application of grease and oil
    Valves for the spray application of grease and oil. Contactless application of lubricants in areas difficult to access.
  30. Precise potting of filters and filter elements

    Precise potting of filters and filter elements is necessary for high safety and purity. DOPAG supported a global manufacturer with individually configured metering and mixing systems.

  31. Profitable production of components for control cabinets and enclosures
    With the dynamicLine from DOPAG, customers will be able to implement gasketing and bonding applications with just one system.
  32. Metering systems for optimal lubricant dispensing

    The requirements for the type of lubricant dispensing vary and always depend on the application being carried out. Learn here more about the four key factors for successful system design!

  33. Continuous dosing of lubricants, adhesives and sealants

    The membrane dispensing valve ensures a clean application and a high reliability in automated dosing processes.

  34. Dispensing thermal gap fillers

    Using thermal gap fillers leads to more advanced metering technology requirements - learn more about the solutions from DOPAG.

  35. Automated application of PU gaskets on components

    Compared to manually inserted seals, automatically applied PU gaskets offer many advantages.

  36. Shot valve for contactless greasing

    DOPAG presents the shot valve in a new video: It is perfectly suited for contactless material application in highly automated processes.

  37. Perfect FIPFG applications

    The control cabinet manufacturer Fandis applies foam gaskets on various components. DOPAG has designed a FIPFG system for this application.

  38. Individual grease dispensing

    DOPAG has developed two special lubricant application systems for the production of ball screws in automotive industry.

  39. Dosing systems for liquid 3D printing

    The eldomix dispensing system fills material reservoirs of 3D printers with liquid printing technology.

  40. Automated systems for electronic potting

    DOPAG provides automated potting solutions for variuos applications - two practical examples!

  41. Turnkey systems for automated metering and mixing

    CTO Daniel Geier talks in the interview about challenges in automated dispensing technology.

  42. Automated grease metering

    DOPAG presents a production cell, that could be used for greasing and oiling applications. Disocver also valves for contactless material application.

  43. Dosing technology in rotor blade production

    Metering and mixing systems are necessary in various applications in rotor blade production. DOPAG presents its solutions. 

  44. Individual systems for automated glue dispensing

    The household appliance manufacturer Amica uses an invidual glue dosing system from DOPAG for the production of oven doors.

  45. Automated production of foam gaskets

    With dynamicLine, the metering technology manufacturer DOPAG presents a new dynamic mixing system for a wide range of applications.

  46. Accurate dosing of grease and oil

    DOPAG developed a special dosing system for the automated lubrication of gas springs.

  47. Lubrication in the automotive industry

    Individual grease and adhesive dispensing systems from DOPAG guarantee highest quality electric parking brakes.

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  1. We consistently focus on sustainable business activities. The latest projects have now been realised at the headquarters in Mannheim. A new photovoltaic system has been installed.

  2. Users of the new powerful piston pumps benefit from a customised configuration, user-friendly operation and high production reliability.

  3. The metering of lubricants is becoming increasingly demanding. We offer dispensing systems that are highly precise and fulfil all customer requirements.


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Individually configured metering technology

Absolute precision, reliability and reproducibility – the technical requirements within highly automated production processes are constantly growing. This places high demands on metering technology, as it is used in practically all industrial applications and industries, ranging from greasing components in the automotive industry, bonding and potting electronics, to the application of gaskets in the packaging industry.

We support companies from a wide range of industries in this development and help them to achieve long-term success with innovative metering technology. Key to this is the individual configuration of the metering and mixing system. The only way to guarantee stable production is to have a system that is tailored precisely to the application and material. Our experts will therefore examine your request thoroughly and go through all the details with you individually. If required, our engineers can carry out material tests, sampling and detailed consultations in our own technical centre. The result is a metering system tailored precisely to your specific needs. Our customers include operators of metering systems, system integrators or other manufacturers of metering and mixing systems who are looking for the highest level of quality and precision in their metering systems.

The right metering technology for every application
We supply components as well as 1K metering systems and 2K metering systems for all applications from a single source. Our metering technology is suitable for greasing, bonding, sealing, potting and gasketing. Our systems process one- and two-component materials. This includes the metering of lubricants, polyurethanes, epoxy resins or silicones with various properties. Our metering systems are suitable for low to high-viscosity materials as well as for pasty and abrasive media. We also offer a wide range of components, which can be put together in a modular way. This includes drum pumps and barrel pumps or pressure tanks for material supply. Dispensing valves and metering valves enable the precise application of lubricants, adhesives and sealants. Various components for testing and control guarantee high product quality and reproducibility.

We use piston, gear or eccentric screw pumps for metering and mixing two-components materials. Close interaction with automation enables component feeding, pre-treatment and application in one go and without the need for user intervention. The product range includes individual and line-integratable production cells as well as individual solutions.

Consistent global standards in metering technology
We have extensive expertise in mechanical and plant engineering and have been manufacturing in the industry since 1976. We are continually developing our products and we set the highest standards for the quality of our metering systems from the production stage. We work closely with material manufacturers and have carried out over 3,000 projects in around 70 countries in the last ten years alone. Thanks to our worldwide sales and service, you can implement your specific metering system across all of our sites. With our own subsidiaries and partners, we have a local presence in more than 40 countries, ensuring that your individual system can be implemented uniformly at your production sites throughout the world. Our Service team also provides specific, reliable support with preventive maintenance, repairs, training and replacement parts.