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Drum pumps and barrel pumps

Processing lubricants, adhesives and sealants reliably and safely

A successful metering process – whether for bonding, sealing or greasing – begins with the material supply. The material can only be metered, mixed and applied precisely if this is done safely, continuously and free of bubbles.

DOPAG has developed a modular series of drum pumps characterised by maximum reliability when feeding medium to high-viscosity materials. The powerful, double-acting piston pumps feed the material directly, efficiently and without air pockets from the original container. The series is characterised by its high level of user-friendliness and maximum flexibility in terms of configuration.

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Individual configuration 

The pumps are available in three versions for the typical 30, 80 and 200-litre container sizes. The basic design and operation remain the same in each case. Depending on customer requirements, the pump can be equipped with different options such as filters, sealing fluid containers, deairing or homogenisation units and modules for external control or monitoring.

In addition to the standard design, DOPAG pumps are also available in stainless steel, a wear-resistant design for abrasive fillers, a design for pressure-sensitive materials or with ATEX certification. The various sealing options round off the diverse portfolio and make it possible to tailor the configuration precisely to the customer’s needs and material. DOPAG also offers a wide range of follower plates so that all container types and sizes (cylindrical, conical, with beads, cartridges, etc.) can be covered.

User-friendly 2-hand operation 

User-friendly and ergonomic 2-hand operation with additional safety features simplifies day-to-day production operations. 2-hand operation can be configured in different ways depending on customer requirements. If the pump is to be designed as a complete machine with CE certificate in accordance with the Machinery Directive, an emergency stop, protection against unexpected startup when power is restored and a switch-off function in the event of an empty signal are integrated. If these functions are to be fulfilled by the higher-level system, the control is alternatively available in a reduced design.

Continuous material supply 

The pumps are suitable as central material supply systems and as individual supply systems. To ensure a continuous supply of material when changing containers, the pumps are available as a tandem version. As soon as the first drum pump reaches its empty level, the system automatically switches to the second pump, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of material. In the meantime, the container on the first pump is changed so that it is ready for the next pump change.

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  9. Manual application of lubricants

    DOPAG offers special dispensing stations for the manual application of lubricants. With the help of an adapter, components such as O-rings and other seals can be greased or oiled manually. 

  10. Coating self-adhesive labels with silicone

    Self-adhesive labels and stickers are produced with silicone coating via coating systems. We provide the metering system to ensure material feed.

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  12. Automated bonding of filters

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  13. Automated application of sealants

    DOPAG provides an individual solution for the application of one-component sealant in the production of cardan shafts for special vehicles.

  14. Metering and mixing system for adhesive bonding of automotive components

    DOPAG develops a metering and mixing system for adhesive bonding of automotive components to ensure uniform standards worldwide.

  15. Valves for grease spraying in furniture production

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  17. Valves for the contactless spray application of grease and oil
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  19. Continuous dosing of lubricants, adhesives and sealants

    The membrane dispensing valve ensures a clean application and a high reliability in automated dosing processes.

  20. Shot valve for contactless greasing

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  23. Automated grease metering

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  25. Accurate dosing of grease and oil

    DOPAG developed a special dosing system for the automated lubrication of gas springs.

  26. Lubrication in the automotive industry

    Individual grease and adhesive dispensing systems from DOPAG guarantee highest quality electric parking brakes.

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