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Drum pumps and barrel pumps

Clean and reliable feeding of oils, grease and adhesives

If we want to achieve perfect results with grease and oil metering, it is important that our material be pumped efficiently and without air pockets (air bubbles). An uninterrupted and reliable material supply is absolutely essential to achieve that. With every application, the selection of an optimum feeding system must consider factors such as material properties, process parameters and container size. The DOPAG product portfolio offers an extensive range of solutions for fluid metering, including drum pumps, transfer pumps and pressure tanks. All DOPAG feeding systems rely on the proven technology of piston or gear pumps. Moreover, thanks to their modular design, they can be individually configured to match the application and material specifics.

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Pumps, valves and equipment for your metering and mixing system

Products at glance

  1. Material pressure regulator

    Material pressure regulator

    The material pressure regulator ensures a pulsation-free dispensing of grease, oil and silicone.

  2. Pressure Tanks

    Pressure Tanks

    For effortless and clean feeding of low viscosity media such as paint, oils and preservatives.

  3. Pumps for adhesives and sealants

    Pumps for adhesives and sealants

    Double-acting chop check pumps are an effective solution wherever adhesive, sealant, grease or oil feeding requires higher-performance technology. 

  4. Pumps for lubricants

    Pumps for lubricants

    The lubriLine pump range offers products specially designed for the processing of grease and oil.

  5. Refill units

    Refill units

    For uninterrupted production: refill units from DOPAG ensure automated refilling of material pressure tanks during production.

  6. Transfer Pumps

    Transfer Pumps

    Transfer pumps are used for material feeding directly from the original containers.