Technical Services
Maintenance and repair of DOPAG dosing systems

Technical Services

Maintenance and repair: our service team is here for you

Whenever a metering and mixing system breaks down, the production halts and a solution needs to be found quickly. To keep your production running safely and reliably, we offer you best-in-class service of our metering and mixing systems.

Our team of qualified and experienced service engineers takes care of regular maintenance and repairs of your system. They can operate in-house or directly on your premises.

Regular maintenance of metering systems and components helps prevent unscheduled repairs. This prolongs the service life and ensures the consistent quality of your products! The maintenance interval depends on various factors, such as the material or the production density.

During maintenance, our technicians check and overhaul all the relevant parts of the metering system, such as the pump or mixing head. We recommend the replacement of critical spare parts and provide spare parts packages for this purpose. Our engineers then perform a functional check and verify the quality of the mixing ratio and the output rate. Following this, you can get back to reliable production with a quality assured system.

If you need to repair your metering system or a system component, we also take care of this. Our experienced service engineers repair your components and system, and ensure that your production runs efficiently.

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We offer you a range of services online for testing, machine acceptance and training.

We believe that the most important building block for successful collaboration is a good partnership. That’s why we also provide all of our services online – whether it’s for quick, simple communication in case of any problems with your system or for comprehensive tests and training. For example, in the case of tests, you can follow exactly what is happening remotely via four different camera views. Book a convenient appointment and save time and travel expenses.

Our online services include:

  • Video streaming of acceptance protocols (FAT) for your metering and mixing system
  • Video streaming of tests: preliminary meetings and discussions of test aims, performance of tests