Needle Metering Valves

Quick and precise metering of small quantities

The needle metering valve is an all-rounder: It processes very small amounts of greases, oils, adhesives and sealants with high precision. And in no time at all. You also benefit from low maintenance costs and reliable production.

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Benefits for you

  • Unique minimal quantity valve with a minimum metering volume of 0.001 ml
  • Up to 10 million shots leak-free thanks to the DOPAG Long Life Seal concept
  • Metering accuracy < ±1 per cent
  • Short cycle times with up to 2 shots per second

For stable production processes

The needle metering valve works according to the volumetric metering principle, application is carried out in shots. The metering quantity is fixed by means of a stop screw. This ensures extremely high repeatability, reproducibility and process reliability at all times. The same valve can be used for different metering quantities and end products.

Fast cycle times

The needle metering valve is insensitive to pressure fluctuations (3–50 bar) and thus also independent of viscosity and temperature changes. A system temperature control device is not necessary. Pressure tanks can be used to process low-viscosity materials. The material is ejected directly from the needle metering valve. This is why extremely short cycle times are possible.

Reliable production processes

With the DOPAG Long Life Seal concept, up to 10 million shots are possible leak-free. Compared to existing variants, this results in 20 per cent lower maintenance costs and fewer interruptions to your production process.

Suitable for reactive adhesives

The needle metering valve features a pneumatic drive. This is separated from the metering chamber. The material cannot penetrate the drive cylinder and interfere with the movement of the valve needle. That is why the valve also processes reactive, aggressive and abrasive adhesives.

Simple monitoring

The magnetic stroke sensor installed in the valve makes it possible to use common C-slot sensors. They work magnetically, are more accurate, and are quick and easy to install. The process reliability is increased, as is the position query accuracy.

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Technical specifications:

  • Dot applications (volumetric metering)
  • Metering volume per shot 0.001–3.00 ml (depending on size)
  • Viscosity range 10 to 200,000 mPas
  • Material inlet pressure 3 – 50 bar
  • Prepared for stroke sensor
  • Various seal variants/materials available


  • Solenoid valve plate 24 V
  • Spray adaptor
  • Signal transmitter with various cables
  • Cannula connection with various cannulas
  • Micro-flow sensor to increase process reliability
  • Pneumatic/electric handle

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