Edge sealing

Perfect protection for composite fibre component edges

Composite components must be extremely resilient, especially in the aircraft industry. That is why they must be protected accordingly. After cutting or grinding, the edges of composite components that have been made in infusion or RTM processes, for example, are open. Water or steam may penetrate and the structural performance of the component may decrease. To protect against such environmental influences, the edges are sealed immediately after trimming or grinding. This method is referred to as edge sealing. This involves taking a sealant, usually epoxy resin, and applying it to the cut edges of the composite component with a brush or directly from a cartridge. The cartridges are filled via a metering and mixing system, for example, the DOPAG eldomix. Application can also be automated by using a metering and mixing system combined with a robot to seal the edges.

Metering technology for edge sealing applications

  1. compomix


    Die compomix DI wurde speziell für Infusion-Anwendungen bei der Herstellung von Rotorblättern entwickelt. 

  2. eldomix


    Die Anlagen der Baureihe eldomix 100/600 sind spülmittelfreie, kompakt aufgebaute Zahnradpumpen-Dosieranlagen.

  3. gluemix


    Die gluemix wurde speziell für das Dosieren von zweikomponentigem Klebstoff in der Rotorblattherstellung entwickelt.