Composite Processing

Composite processing

Dispensing technology for the manufacturing of composite fibre components

Lightweight construction is still an important trend, the market for fibre-reinforced plastics has seen strong growth over the years. The use of composite materials is becoming ever more relevant, especially in the automotive and aviation industries where considerable weight savings can be achieved. Composite components are increasingly coming into use in wind turbine construction, as well as in areas of general industry, electromobility and the construction industry. Given the demands for lower emissions and higher energy efficiency, the subject of composites is gaining even more traction. The vast number of different possible applications also results in increasing demands being placed on production of these components.

Metering technology plays a key role in manufacturing fibre composite components and is used in a wide variety of production processes. This calls for solutions that offer the highest level of precision and reliability and also meet the demands of increased automation.

DOPAG metering systems for the manufacture of composite materials
In manufacturing composite components, glass fibre-reinforced plastics (GRP) or carbon-fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRP) are produced in a variety of different processes. DOPAG’s range of systems includes solutions for all applications in the field of composite production, from RTM and winding processes to pultrusion and infusion up to bonding and sealing applications. Metering systems such as the DOPAG eldomix or compomix are used in every sector of lightweight construction and are exceedingly well suited for a variety of applications.

DOPAG, however, has also developed systems specifically for the needs of individual industries, such as the coredis for filling honeycomb panels in aircraft construction or the eldomix for a wide variety of adhesive applications for interior or structural components.

Thanks to decades of cooperation with renowned companies and material manufacturers, DOPAG is one of the leading suppliers of dosing technology in the manufacture of composite materials today. A proven team of experts is on hand to give advice on everything from testing and planning to production, commissioning, maintenance and repair of your plant.

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Composite processing: Honeycomb Potting / Core Filling in aerospace industry

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