Metering control unit

Connect and control your metering components

DOPAG developed the metering control unit for the control of complex metering processes. It can be easily integrated into a system with a metering valve or into a 1K metering system with dispensing valves. The control unit enables communication between individual system components and coordinates their operation. Additionally, the featured software allows users to store numerous metering programmes and to recall and run them later. The control unit is equipped with connection ports for various material supply systems and is compatible with monitoring devices such as the gear flow meter or the light barrier. It can be used either as system control or as an interface between a higher-level system control and a metering system.


  • Power supply 230 VAC 50 / 60 Hz
  • 7“ Touch screen control panel
  • USB interface for programme updates
  • Indicator light with buzzer for error messages


  • Profi bus, Profi net or Ethernet IP module
  • Different connection and heating cables
  • Screen protection foil


  • Plastic benchtop housing, 370 x 330 x 200 mm with positioning frame
  • Sheet metal wall housing 400 x 400 x 210 mm, with fixing brackets

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