New online process monitoring for dispensing systems and metering components

LifeCycleLogger 4.0 from DOPAG enables comprehensive online diagnosis of machine status and increases production reliability

The components of metering and mixing systems are subject to high demands and constant wear during ongoing production processes. However, online monitoring of machine status has only been possible to a limited extent until now, as there are a large number of different types of applications, parameters and polymer materials in relation to greasing, bonding, sealing and potting. Reliable assessments of historical operating data and conclusions regarding maintenance intervals and service life of components have therefore been quite limited to this point. With the brand-new LifeCycleLogger 4.0 from DOPAG, plant operators, service staff and, of course, DOPAG, as the manufacturer, now have detailed information regarding all process parameters and the usage profiles of the metering components. 

Constant process control ensures high production reliability

During the production process, all key product-related technical data from the respective component is recorded on the LifeCycleLogger 4.0 as a final step and transmitted to the machine control unit when connected to the system. This includes: size, specific volumes or pressures, test bench results regarding efficiency, and other performance data. There is no need for manual selection or input processes, which removes the potential for error. For example, once a gear pump is in use, LifeCycleLogger 4.0 provides further operating data to the system control via integrated temperature and acceleration sensors. The plant operator can access all key data at all times, respond immediately in case of any irregularities, and thus guarantee high production and process reliability. 

Benefits for predictive maintenance

The entire history of the operating and performance data is stored directly on LifeCycleLogger 4.0 as well as on a storage device in the DOPAG plant control system. Operators or DOPAG service staff therefore have a complete overview of the relevant machine status and previous events. All data is regularly transmitted to an analysis and monitoring platform via the integrated cloud concept. Data storage offers significant benefits, especially with regard to predictive maintenance. By comparing the data, potential critical wear or extraordinary disruptions can be identified at an early stage and unplanned machine downtime can thus be prevented. By comparing the actual data with the established target data, individual maintenance intervals can be defined and the entire life cycle can be optimised. 

The first LifeCycleLogger 4.0 are already successfully in operation

The high-performance gear metering pump that recently went into series production, primarily used for the metering of glass-fibre-filled, paste-like adhesives, features LifeCycleLogger 4.0 as standard. In combination with the appropriately equipped plant control system, data is recorded during ongoing production processes. The new technology will also be added to other metering components and systems in the future.

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