Precise and reliable application of sealants in the manufacture of composite components

Sealants are widely used in the aerospace industry. Compared to edge sealing, which involves sealing open edges on the manufactured composite components, sealing is used to seal fuselages, wings and virtually all other aircraft components. Overall, up to one tonne of sealant is required for aircraft construction. The applications for sealants are many and varied. They are used:

  • to fill gaps in the assembly process
  • as corrosion protection, e.g. sealing of rivets
  • for fuel tank sealing, wings
  • as aerodynamic seals, e.g. on the outer skin and window frames
  • for edge sealing (to avoid the annealing effect in fuel tanks)

Since aircraft manufacturing is still predominantly done by hand, cartridges are used to apply sealants, which are filled by means of the DOPAG metering system volumix, for example. Automated sealing is also increasingly being used. For this purpose, DOPAG has further developed the vectomix metering system, which is also suitable for automated applications for light polysulphides and can be used for the above-mentioned applications.

Metering systems for sealing applications

  1. vectomix


    Vectomix is used to handle multi component materials. Due to its compatibility and modularity, two vectodis single component piston metering with equal or different sizes are used.

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