Valves for spray applications of grease and oil

Contactless application of lubricants in difficult-to-access areas

Special valve technology enables grease or oil to be applied cleanly and precisely over the entire surface of angled areas or components with a longer immersion path. The spray valve has a variety of nozzle extensions with different spray cones and directions, enabling the specific requirements of the application to be met.

The material can be applied intermittently or continuously. Short airways in the body and the directly flanged 5/2-way magnetic valve allow very fast, precise intermittent operation. Nozzle sizes with a diameter of 0.2 to 1.5 millimetre are available. A special feature here is the integrated spraying air valve, which enables the post-blowing time to be adjusted for nozzle cleaning. An optional stroke sensor or pressure sensor can be added for process control. A heater with a temperature sensor can also be installed. Drum and barrel pumps or pressure tanks in various sizes are available for material supply, while greases and oils can be delivered cleanly and directly from the original containers. 

Spray valves for contactless grease and oil applications

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