Turnkey systems for automated metering and mixing

CTO Daniel Geier talks about the latest demands on automated solutions for bonding, sealing and potting

Daniel Geier, Chief Technology Officer at DOPAG, is responsible, among other things, for the key business area of Automation. As a mechanical engineer, he has decades’ worth of experience in the field of dispensing technology. At DOPAG, he also worked in the development department and as the head of DOPAG Technical Center. In this interview, Mr. Geier goes on to talk about the latest demands on automated dispensing technology, its future challenges and the performance profile of DOPAG.

Mr. Geier, the increasing demands on dispensing technology seem to constantly come up in discussions. What do these mean specifically in the field of automation?

The requirements have been on the increase across the whole spectrum of dispensing applications, be that bonding, gasketing, potting or greasing and oiling. On the one hand, of course, this affects the very application itself. On the other hand, customers have long since stopped looking simply for a dispensing system that does just that. Instead, they seek complete, turnkey solutions that can be effectively integrated into the entire manufacturing process. An intelligent, comprehensive design will also cover any associated peripheral components for pre- and post-treatment of the product, as well as quality assurance measures and any required conveyor and handling technologies.

What does this mean for dispensing technology manufacturers and what for the customers?

Having a high level of expertise in dispensing technology is of course no longer enough. Experience in custom machine building is required if you want to present a turnkey dispensing system which reflects – in addition to the dispensing application – also the accompanying process steps. We can do both. The key is a detailed analysis of our customer’s needs, because this is the only we can arrive at a solution that brings the customer the maximum benefit. This is why we have our own team that specializes exclusively in automation solutions.


Let us come back to the question of applications: What are the requirements here and what does DOPAG offer?
It is no longer just about precision. Rather it is, above all, about material savings, cycle times, handling speed or standards that need to be observed. Cycle times are becoming tighter and at the same time they are the most important factor to consider. In addition, automated dispensing systems must be able to cover various applications, that is, be able to bond multiple variations of a component or pot different components. We offer a high level of safety here, because in the construction process or already in the project initiation phase, we carry out an extensive series of measure- ments as well as final acceptance after the completion.

How does DOPAG set itself apart from other providers in the field of automation?

We attach particular importance to nurturing partnership-based relationships with our customers. This is evident from the fact that from the beginning of project discussions through to delivery and even after-sales, the customer is looked after by the same set of DOPAG staff. In addition, as I already mentioned, we rely on a thorough and clean analysis of the customer’s needs as well as of the application, because we believe this is the only way we can offer a truly reliable solution that meets custom- ers’ requirements in their entirety.

What challenges is metering and mixing technology facing at the moment?

New applications are constantly being added to the existing spectrum, as we can see for example in the areas of 3D printing or e-mobility. Moreover, the applications are becoming more and more complex and so placing an ever higher importance on the question of user know-how. New materials are being developed in increasingly shorter cycles. We have decades’ worth of experience with a wide range of applications. We work closely with material manufacturers and have tested over 2,000 different materials. Such know-how allows us to confidently master the challenges the increasingly complex applications bring with them. Industry 4.0 is also becoming an increasingly important topic in terms of system availability, maintenance planning and flexible use.