volumix: bonding and sealing in aerospace industry

Efficient cartridge filling with 2K polysulfide materials

Aircraft wings have to withstand the greatest stresses. The highest requirements therefore apply when bonding and sealing with 2K polysulfide materials.

In aircraft construction, a wide range of different adhesives and sealants are processed, each of which must be precisely metered and mixed. This ensures that the total weight of the aircraft is kept as low as possible.

The metal components are bonded and sealed with the utmost precision - mainly manually. Cartridges are used for this purpose, which are filled with two-component polysulfide-based materials at special metering and mixing stations.

In addition to easy handling, the volumix therefore offers a fully inline controlled, precise volumetric metering and mixing process.

Precision and reliability at every level

  • The volumix is specifically designed to handle polysulfide materials used in the aircraft industry for bonding and sealing applications.
  • The volumix is designed to automatically perform the filling process of cartridges and other small containers of mixed polysulfide material.
  • All dispensing operations are continuously monitored by inline flow metering systems. This ensures that the specified mixing ratio is maintained at all times. The control takes place via a Siemens control system.
Flow rate Refill a cartridge of 150 ml in 30 sec
Mixing ratio (by weight) 9:1 to 12:1 depending on the requirements of the 2K polysulfide materials
Working pressure Base side: 40 bar (less than 20 bar for pressure-sensitive A2 materials) Hardener side: 20-85 bar
Mixing system Disposable static mixer
Container size Base side: 20l or 200l – Hardener side: 20l
Viskosity range High viscosity materials
Material characteristics Filled materials, high density and/or low density materials
Power supply 230 VAC / 3/N/PE/50-60Hz (Other power supplies possible)
Maximum air inlet pressure 6 bar
Dimensions, L x W x H Welded frame, 1500mm x 1500 mm x 2000 mm
Weight 600 kg

Your advantages

  • The material supply is carried out directly from the delivery container.
  • A set of two pumps is used. The pumps do not change the density or Shore hardness of the cured material.
  • The Siemens control unit allows a variable ratio to be set by weight or by volume. The Siemens unit controls the complete operation of the system.
  • Each flow meter monitors the dosing operations.
  • There is a possibility of quick change to different polysulfide materials.
  • No solvent is required to flush the mixing system.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • The machine is using standard disposable static mixer.