ladomix: dispensing system for lamination

A system for the dispensing of adhesives in the packaging industry

The ladomix is ​​a compact, mobile metering and mixing system for lamination in the packaging industry. It processes solvent-free, self-leveling two-component laminating adhesives made of polyurethane in a mixing ratio of 100:100 to 100:10. The material is then dispensed into the gap between the rollers of the laminating machine and applied onto the outer film of the packaging. Lastly, the outer film is glued to the inner film.

Material containers with the capacity of 60 l are used for material supply. These are automatically refilled either by means of vacuum using a suction set included in the standard version or by drum pumps, which are optional. The material container fill level is being continuously monitored by a set of analog rod probes. Metering is carried out by high-precision gear pumps installed inside the material container near the bottom and below the material level. These are driven by three-phase asynchronous motors. Both gear pumps are equipped with ovepressure protection in the standard version. Ladomix features a static mixing system as standard, consisting of a 2K valve with a static mixing tube made of plastic. The mixing tube can be disposed of inexpensively after the material has cured so that elaborate and environmentally harmful rinsing is effectively avoided.

Features and Benefits

  • Gear metering pumps mounted inside the vessels and below the material level, hence
    • reduction of maintenance through elimination of inner pump sealings
    • no pump sealings between material and atmosphere (no material leakage)
    • no pressurization of material vessels, therefore no air drying is required
    • optimal material conditioning
  • Vacuum processing, therefore
    • refilling of material could be realized via suction lances to avoid production stop (depending  on viscosity)
    • no material loss while using refilling pumps (no deaeration necessary)
  • Standard system can be extended by options, thus all common laminating adhesives can be processed


  • Control cabinet mounted onto a movable chassis
  • Material vessels with
    • level control
    • connection for vacuum pump
  • Automatic refi ll via suction lances from vacuum
  • Manual degassing via diaphragm vacuum pump
  • Gear metering pumps with over pressure protection. The gear metering pumps are mounted  below the material level to meter from vacuum.
  • Static mixing system
    • 2K valve
    • disposable static mixer
  • Metering computer with Real Time Multitasking Operating System (64 programs could be stored)
  • Touchscreen
  • Internal USB interface with Backup- /Restore Function


  • Refilling pump
  • Silica gelfilter for drum ventilation
  • Proximity switch for position control of the ball valves for refilling
  • Material filter at vessel inlet
  • Heating
  • Mixing ratio control
  • Mixing ratio regulation
  • Pump checking program incl. rotation speed monitoring
  • Various dispensing systems
  • External USB interface
  • Weekly / daily timer
  • Level control in the roller gap with alternatively start/stop mode or continuously controlled output rate and automatic layer thickness calculation


Technical Specifications ladomix

  1. Flow rate

    up to 4 l/min, depending on mixing ratio and viscosity

  2. Mixing ratio

    100:100 to 100:10, by volume

  3. Maximum working pressure
    70 bar max.
  4. Mixing system
  5. Material supply
    Material vessels 60 l
  6. Viscosity range
    100 to 50.000 mPas (for processing temperature)
  7. Materials
    Polyurethane, Epoxy, Silicon
  8. Material characteristics
  9. Power supply
    3 x 400 V / 50 Hz / 32 A
  10. Maximum air inlet pressure
    6 bar max.
  11. Dimensions, L x W x H

    approx. 1,330 x 1,210 x 1,560 mm

  12. Weight
    approx. 470 kg