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The extreme stress on the materials poses a risk both for man and vehicle. With innovative solutions, we ensure the safe advancement. Special-purpose vehicles such as recreational vehicles, trailers, site vehicles, tankers and rail cars are often exposed to extreme conditions. Due to the high stress, extremely reliable processing is required. Already during component production, strict guidelines referring to process stability must be heeded in order to achieve the requested quality standard. For several years now, welding, screwing, and riveting have been increasingly replaced by bonding that is regarded as innovative joining method. On the one hand, bonding is considered to be a reliable production technology and on the other hand, thanks to the material properties, the weight is reduced which has positive effects on the CO2 emission of special-purpose vehicles.

Intelligent solutions by DOPAG
DOPAG stands for expertise in the fields of bonding and sealing for the automation of special applications. This expertise ranges from maintaining the optimum mixing ratio to high flow rates when discharging the adhesive and to accurate shape and position of the application. As additional benefits, conservation of resources and a good waste balance are offered, with low waste disposal costs as the materials are joined not earlier than in the mixing tube. In addition, DOPAG systems are operated without flushing agent and thus protect the environment.

Absolute process stability
To process and apply such heavy-duty adhesives, innovative and high-capacity metering and mixing systems by DOPAG are used, that have been customized to the specific processing and application requirements. Among others, bonding is used for side walls, cockpit, front-end hood, roof, headlamps and windows of the special-purpose vehicle. In this way, even different materials such as glass and metal can be joined in a permanent and reliable manner.

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Bonding and sealing is becoming an increasingly popular method of joining components without screws. With DOPAG systems, applications can be realized reliable and precise.

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