Metering systems for the production of medical technology

Metering adhesives, sealants, potting compounds and sealing foams

Metering and mixing technology from DOPAG is designed for the high standards involved in the production of medical systems and enables all relevant standards, classes and certifications to be achieved. Our engineers will support you from the individual design of your system and tests in our own technical centre to commissioning on site. This ensures consistently high product quality.

Metering and mixing systems from DOPAG are suitable for a wide range of applications in medical technology They process one and two-component adhesives and sealants, sealing foams, potting compounds and lubricants. They are used wherever components need to be bonded, sealed or potted. Partial or full automation as well as integration into existing production lines are possible.

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Possible applications for metering and mixing technology:

  • Production of batteries for medical devices
  • Potting of electronic components, LEDs for lighting, etc. for medical devices as well as operating theatre and surgery equipment
  • Application of lubricants on moving parts, such as for dentist chairs
  • Special metering technology for potting of dialysis filters

Battery production
Bonding, potting, gasketing

Dialysis filter
Potting, bonding

Medical devices, operating theatre and surgery equipment bonding, sealing, potting, gasketing, greasing

Medical devices, pacemakers: potting, bonding, sealing

Special metering technology for the production of dialysis filters

A dialysis filter largely simulates the function of the kidneys in patients with chronic kidney failure. A dialysis machine typically consists of a plastic tube that is densely filled with very fine hollow fibres through which the blood runs during the purification process. The plastic pipe is potted with two-component polyurethane at both ends to ensure that the fibres are firmly connected to the pipe. DOPAG developed evomix DF for this potting process. The system features an uninterrupted material supply and can be integrated into fully automated production lines. The mixing head of the system is certified for cleanroom application.

evomix DF - Your Specialist for potting dialysis filters

Bonding and sealing is becoming an increasingly popular method of joining components without screws. With DOPAG systems, applications can be realized reliable and precise.

  1. eldomix


    The eldomix 100/600 range of systems are compact, solvent free, gear pump driven metering and mixing systems.

  2. vectomix


    Vectomix is used to handle multi component materials. Due to its compatibility and modularity, two vectodis single component piston metering with equal or different sizes are used.

With dynamicLine and the new dynamic mixing head, DOPAG offers an efficient solution for all applications relating to gasketing.

  1. Dynamic mixing head

    Dynamic mixing head
    The dynamic mixing head with its new valve technology has been designed for mixing of low to  high-viscosity polymeric reaction substances for foaming, bonding, sealing, and potting.

In Potting, resins such as silicones, polyurethanes or epoxy resins are used in liquid form. For the production process, DOPAG offers various metering and mixing systems.

  1. economix


    The economix range of systems are compact, solvent free, pneumatically driven piston pump metering and mixing systems.

  2. eldomix


    The eldomix 100/600 range of systems are compact, solvent free, gear pump driven metering and mixing systems.

  3. evomix DF

    evomix DF

    The metering and mixing system evomix DF is a precise and reliable solution for potting of components with two-part polyurethane.

  4. variomix


    The variomix range of systems are solvent free, compact, pneumatic or hydraulically driven piston pump metering and mixing systems.