Custom-built dispensing systems for automated metering and mixing

Solutions for multi-stage manufacturing processes

Metered application of fluids is increasingly becoming part of automated manufacturing processes. As a result, no dosing unit concept would be complete without the integration of all the necessary procedures for the pre and aftertreatment of components, quality assurance measures and conveying and handling technology. As a dosing technology producer and designer of customised solutions for automated gluing, sealing and potting, DOPAG is a place that offers the full package from a single source. Only a system that is precisely tailored to the application requirements ensures a smooth production and contributes to overall business success.

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Your benefits

  • Everything from a single source: One contact person will support you from the planning stage through design to series production.

  • Competent advice based on decades of experience in dosing and mixing technology
  • Precise and reproducible results
  • Material handling, pre-treatment and application are carried out in one step and without any user influence.
  • Documentation-capable production of safety-relevant components
  • Integration of safety technology
  • Remote maintenance
  • Own technical centre for customer training and trials
  • Global sales and service network

A reference project: Automated bonding in the household appliance industry

The Polish household appliance manufacturer Amica turned to DOPAG with the need for a dosing system for automated bonding of oven door components. DOPAG assessed the application and designed a unique and complete system tailored to the application requirements. The concept combines the entire dosing process with conveyor technology needed for the handling of the components. Three robots simultaneously glue the oven door rail profiles to the glass panes. The profiles are first pretreated with Pyrosil, after which a two-component glue is applied by DOPAG’s dosing system vectomix and then the component is joined. Finally, the glued components harden in a curing buffer with and integrated heating and cooling chamber.

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Custom-built dispensing systems to automated bonding applications

  • Application for single- and multiple-component adhesives and sealants and potting compounds
  • Various robot and coordinate systems, as well as application types (round and triangle beads, spraying, thin layer)
  • Precise adhesive application through a reproducible positioning of the applications needle
  • Curing systems: Infrared, ultraviolet (UV), medium frequency technology, continuous furnaces, buffer sections
  • Quality assurance: Volumetric measuring systems, verification of material application (position and quality), component quality assurance and measuring
  • Process data archiving, process visualization: Data carriers (USB, flashcard), network, SCADA systems
  • Cleaning
  • Priming
  • Plasma
  • Gas flame
  • Pyrosil (based on plasma or gas flame)
  • Corona