dynamicLine E: The entry model for dynamic mixing

Standalone solution for gasketing, bonding and potting applications

With our dynamicLine E you can start dynamic mixing fast and convenient: The system was designed as a standalone solution and includes two cell sizes with 3-axis linear robot. Benefit from our new “plug-and-play system” which is immediately ready for operation with little preparation. The compact design requires only a very little floor space: It fits in every production hall and can be transported as a whole. With the automated turnkey solution, you can easily realize all relevant dynamic mixing applications in one smooth production process – from foam sealing, to bonding and potting.

Your advantages:

  • Receive everything from a single source: One contact person looks after you from consultation to delivery
  • Fully automated application without user intervention
  • Reproducible quality in high quantities
  • Documentation-capable production of safetyrelevant components
  • Global sales and service network
  • Remote maintenance

Technical specifications

One cell sizes with
XYZ Linearrobot
X 2500 mm
Y 1250 mm
Z 250 mm
Options ▪ Interchangeable manual shuttle table
▪ Automatic refilling for all components
▪ Tempered control cabinet unit
▪ Tempered material supply
Power supply 400V AC, 3ph, 50Hz, 13.0 kW (excluding optional cabinet air conditioning)
Air supply 7.0 bar
Control unit Siemens with handheld HMI (7 in) Optionally: tempered controlunit
Number of components 2
Material supply 45/24 l (A-Component with air loading and agitation)
Flowrate 0,5 – 5 g/s (for compact cell can go upto 15g/sec)
Mixing head ▪ 3 basic sizes + several chamber/ mixersizes
▪ up to 3.000 rpm
▪ 2 components
▪ Manually controlled materialpressure
▪ NCS nozzle closing system
Mixer cleaning HP-waterflushing
Motion control Siemens
Velocity up to 30.0 m/min
Acceleration 2.0 m/s2
Radius performance ▪ 3.0 mm at 4.6 m/min
▪ 5.0 mm at 6.0 m/min