DOPAG is growing in Eastern Europe

Manufacturer of metering and mixing technology is increasing its international presence

DOPAG is continuing its international growth strategy and is expanding its market activities. This month new sales partners have been won in Eastern Europe. Thanks to the new partnerships DOPAG will be able to provide customers from the Baltic Sea to the Caspian Sea with even more intensive and faster service. The new distributors are responsible for sales and service in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

Together with the new distributors DOPAG will open up further sales markets. “We will attain a greater market penetration and ensure future growth in Eastern Europe," says Steffen Knaus, CEO of HILGER & KERN GROUP.

With the new partners DOPAG relies on experienced companies that have comprehensive knowledge in the field of metering and mixing technology. The employees are practiced within all important industries in Eastern Europe. With this knowledge DOPAG will further strengthen its presence in important key sectors such as the automotive industry, aerospace and electronics.

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