Sealant dispensing for truck manufacturer

DOPAG designs 1K dispensing system for engine production

When metering single-component materials, uncomplicated and reliable solutions are required. The DOPAG Benelux team successfully supported a European truck manufacturer at its Belgian production site with a dispensing system for the manual application of a single-component sealant.

The requirements:
Until now, the customer has applied a 1K sealant to engine housings with a cartridge gun by hand. The surface sealant has to be applied between narrow metal components and must adhere very well to achieve an optimal sealing effect. Handling the cartridge gun is awkward and  it is difficult to apply the sealing bead exactly. In addition, due to its low filling quantity, the cartridge is often empty during application and must be changed. Changing the cartridge is time-consuming.

The solution:
For faster and easier application of the sealing bead, DOPAG has designed a small dispensing station for the customer. In future, two cartridges can be used on a DOPAG P10 drum pump. This ensures continuous application of the bead to the component. A material pressure regulator reduces the pressure of the conveyed material to the required working pressure. In future, the material can be conveniently applied manually via a dispensing valve and a gun.

The application is clean, the user can dose the sealant reliably and precisely. In addition, the changeover to the new system increases cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Uninterrupted production is ensured and the components can be further processed more quickly.