Automated production of foam gaskets

Dynamic mixing system for gasketing applications

With dynamicLine, the metering technology manufacturer DOPAG presents a new dynamic mixing system for a wide range of applications.

Flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are some of the key requirements for successful production in today’s world. Other factors such as automation and digitisation also play an important role. Consequently, this calls for intelligent, reliable, advanced systems engineering. With dynamicLine, DOPAG presents a new solution for all applications relating to dynamic metering and mixing technology, from the production of foamed seals to bonding, sealing and casting. dynamicLine is based on the new Dynamic Mixing Head. It processes reactive polymer materials with low to high viscosity, such as sealing foams made from PU and silicone, adhesives or casting compounds. It is supplemented by variable robot systems such as linear units and industrial robots. This enables the automated application of the material onto three-dimensional components as well as in grooves, moulds and on level surfaces.

Impressive versatility

Dynamic mixing has a wide range of applications. These range from the electronics industry, automotive industry and automotive suppliers to the filtering and packaging industries. Conventional applications for foamed seals include control cabinets, door modules in automotive construction, household products such as sinks and ceramic hobs, as well as filters, lights and toner cartridges. ‘In addition to the already established fields, we see many more potential applications for dynamicLine, which goes beyond the application of foaming,’ says Daniel Geier, CTO at DOPAG. dynamicLine can also be used for casting electronic components such as transformers, sensors and plastic casing, as well as for bonding and sealing in automotive construction, or for glazing. ‘The new technology enables customers to design various types of production processes or applications with higher quality, more quickly and more cost-efficiently,’ Geier explains. This enables potential to be exploited in a wide range of applications and more efficient solutions developed.

Reducing costs

Each industry has its own extensive requirements in relation to precision, material savings, application duration, handling speed, certification classes and standards to be followed. Factors such as cost-effectiveness, efficiency and documentation also play an important role. For example, in the construction of a control cabinet, seals are often applied by hand. This leads to areas of overlapping and parting lines, with the result that damp and dirt can get in. Through the use of foamed seals, this can be prevented and also carried out more quickly and, in particular, cost-efficiently. "With dynamicLine, we want to set a new standard in terms of speed, cost savings and precision", says Daniel Geier, head of technology at DOPAG. "Then there are also the extensive options for automation and documentation, which ensures greater added value overall for users."

Using experience and expertise

One of the company’s key strengths lies in its internal expertise and decades of experience in metering technology. "As the oldest metering technology manufacturer on the market, we have extensive experience with special materials and requirements which we can now use in our new product line”, explains Geier. “In many details, such as valve technology in particular, we have stood out markedly from our competitors thanks to innovative solutions in application precision." DOPAG has worked with around 160 material manufacturers to date and has tested over 2,000 materials. The company has formal partnerships with various manufacturers and employs specially trained bonding engineers. "During the development process, we identified that we can use this expertise to great effect in product innovation, and this is precisely what will drive us on in the future in relation to developing solutions for further areas of application together with our customers and material manufacturers", says Geier. Furthermore, considerable emphasis is placed on modular design in the construction of the system, while well-known suppliers, generally market leaders, are chosen for cooperation in the selection of components. "This enables us to meet the highest quality requirements and also ensure global availability of replacement parts", explains Geier.

Global sales and service

DOPAG also sees a considerable advantage in its global sales and service. "With our strong global presence, we are able to meet the needs of our internationally positioned customers who require uniform worldwide sales and service for their dosing and mixing systems", says Geier. The company has eleven subsidiaries and numerous distributors in more than 30 countries. This enables prompt support and high machine availability.

With dynamicLine, companies can also benefit from the advantages of DOPAG as a system provider. "We are a neutral machine manufacturer, with us the customer receives everything from a single source, from design and tests to advice on material selection and automation with all aspects such as conditioning, parts testing, etc.", reports Geier. "But we also offer our customers a great advantage in terms of application variety, because with DOPAG he has only one contact partner for all applications worldwide: from bonding and sealing to potting, greasing and oiling."