Piston metering systems

Reliable metering with short cycle times

Piston metering units are used for processing 1K media, especially when short cycle times are required. All that is required is appropriate material supply and a metering calculator. The material is discharged in shot form at a freely configurable discharge rate or without interruption using a double piston system, e.g. in bead form. Different sizes are available depending on the requirements of the application. Combing two piston metering units together also enables 2K applications with this system. It is powered by a servo motor, with a spindle converting the rotational motion into linear motion, thus ensuring precise piston feed. Thanks to various design, there is practically no need for any maintenance work, which reduces service intervals and increases the durability of the products.

Product properties

  • Modular design enables a wide range of applications, variable mixing ratio and variable discharge quantity
  • Maximum precision thanks to metering and mixing at point of application
  • +-1% metering precision
  • Multiple shots with one piston volume enable short cycle times
  • High process reliability thanks to
    • Dead space design
    • Pressure monitoring in metering chamber
  • Reduced maintenance work thanks to
    • Specially guided metering piston
    • Compensating coupling between drive and metering piston
    • Hermetic sealing of piston with sealing medium

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Technical specifications

Size Ø 6 Ø 10 Ø 20 Ø 36
Max. metering volume 1,8 ml 7,8 ml 31 ml 101 ml
Min. metering volume
(5 mm stroke)
0,14 ml 0,4 ml 1,6 ml 5,1 ml
Metering stroke 65 mm 100 mm 100 mm 100 mm
Max. output rate (Vmax) 2,75 ml/s 7,8 ml/s 31 ml/s 101 ml/s
Max. operating pressure 160 bar 160 bar 100 bar 100 bar
Viscosity range* 50 –1.000.000 mPas 50 –1.000.000 mPas 50 –1.000.000 mPas 50 –1.000.000 mPas
Max. dimensions 102x320
x596 mm
x759 mm
x769 mm
x858 mm
Weight ca. 9,3 kg ca. 11,8 kg ca. 14,9 kg ca. 26,9 kg
* Lower on request        

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