Material pressure regulator

Pulsation-free dispensing with the right pressure

DOPAG material pressure regulators reduce the pressure of the pumped material down to the optimum working value. They are designed specifi cally for the precise dosing of greases, oils and silicones. Along with reducing pressure, the valves also compensate for pulsations that occur when material is delivered via piston pumps, more specifi cally in the moment of the changeover position of the pump. This problem manifests itself in fluctuations in material pressure and fl ow, and can lead to reduced product quality - particularly in cases of very small doses, continuous or spray applications. The material pressure regulator is a guarantee of a perfectly stable material flow. For abrasive or reactive material, we recommend our material pressure regulator with a diaphragm.

  • MPR with piston
    This type of material pressure regulator is especially suitable for the processing of selflubricating materials such as greases and oils as well as single and plural component silicones. The sealing of the spring space takes place via a slide ring seal.
  • MPR with diaphragm
    This type of material pressure regulator is most suitable for use with reactive, moisture sensitive and, because the ball and seat are manufactured from tungsten carbide, also abrasive media, such as, epoxy resins, polyurethanes and many other materials. The sealing of the spring space takes place via the diaphragm.

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  • Pressure reduction and evening out of pulsations
  • Internal diameter of standard sizes: 4, 8 and 12 mm
  • Max. input pressure 250/400 bar
  • Max. pressure reduction 1:5
  • Outlet pressure depending on model
  • Integrated material fi lter 30 mesh
  • Version with diaphragm available for more challenging applications


  • Pressure gauge
  • Heating
  • Spare filter in different mesh sizes
  • Fixing bracket
  • Safety cap

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