Oil dispensing in perfection

Excellent dosing results with the lubriLine

Oil dispensing in perfection: DOPAG has developed the lubriLine product family for metering applications in the automotive industry. It meets all specific requirements for highly automated greasing and oiling.

High repetition rates, short cycles and narrowly defined tolerances for the applied quantities determine the metering processes in the automotive industry. Thus, a precise and reliable metering is indispensable. Therefore, DOPAG has developed the lubriLine especially for the application of lubricants in the automotive industry.

Modular structured drum pumps
The next generation drum pumps P80 and P200 form the basis of the lubriLine system concept. DOPAG has designed them especially for grease applications by adopting double-acting ball valve pumps or chop check piston pumps. They deliver greases and oils up to NLGI class 3 from the original containers without any problems. Furthermore, the installed follower plate has the function to fill the pump continuously and neatly with the material to be delivered by applying an optimum surface pressure. The sealing of the plate towards the atmosphere prevents the intake of air and the formation of bubbles in the grease. The elevators are available in two basic configurations, P80 and P200. The modular structure of the drum pumps enables an individual configuration and optimum layout for each application.

The right valve for each application
The basic configuration of the metering system, consisting of pump, material pressure regulator and dispensing valve or metering valve, can be complemented with other components such as a control unit or a volume counter. Furthermore, the DOPAG lubriLine offers the most suitable valve for each application. DOPAG needle metering valves or chamber metering valves provide a reliable solution for contact greasing in case of applications with short cycle times and the need of an exactly reproducible quantity. The DOPAG high-speed valve allows for a contactless material application over a distance of up to 120mm. It can also be used efficiently for hard-to-reach places.

For the contactless greasing, DOPAG has complemented the product family with a shot valve as well as a spray valve. Within a very short time, the shot valve can apply an extremely high number of shots – up to 200 cycles per second – using the least amount of material possible. Thanks to various extensions and attachments, the two new valve types can cover various application angles without any problem – they are best suited for the greasing of hard-to-reach spaces such as components with undercuts.

Hard-to-reach places, various inclination angles or high shot rates – oil dispensing is an easy task with the components of the DOPAG lubriLine. Due to the high-precision and reproducible metering application, the DOPAG metering systems meet the high manufacturing standards of the automotive industry.

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