DOPAG relies on automated joining techniques for bonding and sealing

Automated industrial processes ensure efficient, standardized production with a consistently high quality. For any applications regarding bonding and sealing with single and multi-component adhesives and sealants, DOPAG will provide turnkey solutions for process-integrated, automated bonding and sealing.

The product range of DOPAG Automation Technologies includes standalone solutions as well as manufacturing cells which can be integrated into existing production lines. These do not only include the conveyance and handling technology required for the application, such as coordinate systems or robots, but also metering systems from the well-proven DOPAG portfolio as well as the corresponding peripheral components, such as conveyance technology, technologies for workpiece conditioning , such as plasma pretreatment, or nozzle position monitoring and scrapers. In case of metering systems, customers may choose between single or double-acting piston metering systems with hydraulic or electric drives and gear pumps as well as eccentric screw pumps with three-phase current asynchronous motors or servomotors.

"The development of our new automated solutions by DOPAG Automation Technologies is based on our decades of international experience in the development of individual solutions regarding metering and mixing technology", says Steffen Knaus, CEO of the HILGER & KERN GROUP.

The scope of application ranges from adhesives and sealants based on silicones, polyurethanes, polysulfides, epoxides, and acrylate resins to hybrid materials and other sophisticated materials. The application type is selected based on the intended use and ranges from circular beads or triangular beads to roller application.

"The new all-in-one solutions by DOPAG are particularly interesting for applications in the areas of white goods and brown goods, automotive tier 1, transportation and electronics", explains Dr. Mike Wehmeier, CEO for Sales and Marketing. "They allow for cost-efficient integration of bonding and sealing applications including any required pretreatment and post-treatment into the manufacturing process."

"Our customers expect our competent support not only in metering and mixing technology but also along the entire process chain", explains Daniel Geier, CEO of the Technology Division. "By expanding our product portfolio to automation, we add a very important aspect to our services: cooperative support for implementation of a stable and 'controlled' application - also in the sense of the rather new DIN 2304 standard."

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