Precise metering of single-component adhesives and sealants

New product line glueLine offers pumps, valves and complete systems specially for 1K materials

Precise metering, comprehensive process monitoring and high reproducibility – high standards in production and automated processes require efficient metering technology, across all industries. This may include bonding or sealing LED lights, vehicle parts or components in aircraft construction, to name but a few examples. 

With the glueLine product line, DOPAG offers individual customisable solutions for the metering and application of single-component adhesives and sealants for all applications. The product line includes premium components such as pumps and valves which can be integrated individually into existing production lines. Complete, automated, standalone solutions are also available. All components and systems are available in different versions and can be put together individually according to the requirements of the application. 

The glueLine product line contains components for the entire production process: 

  • Material feed
  • Metering pumps and valves
  • Components for monitoring and control 
  • Complete 1K metering systems 

High flexibility thanks to modular structure

In relation to material feed, DOPAG offers drum and barrel pumps, pressure tanks and refill units in various forms. When it comes to metering technology, customers can choose from gear metering pumps, eccentric screw pumps or piston metering systems, depending on the material and application. Various metering and dispensing valves are available for material discharge. Special hermetically sealed membrane dispensing valves in a carbide design are specially available for the processing of abrasive materials. For process monitoring and quality assurance, gear flow meters, a metering control unit and pressure sensors, for example, can be added during the design of the system. 

System solutions for immediate use in production

For customers who need an operational metering system for their production processes, DOPAG offers complete system solutions with glueLine. The 1K gear metering system eldodis features a gear metering pump specially designed by DOPAG and is particularly suitable for processing medium to high viscosity adhesives and sealants. The conveying capacity of the system is largely determined by the size of the gear metering pump and the pump speed. 

The 1K piston metering system vectodis and the 1K eccentric screw metering system rotordis are also available. In addition, DOPAG offers a modular solution for simple automation processes with a multifunctional cell. All systems are individually designed by DOPAG experts based on the requirements of the respective application and production process. DOPAG products are, of course, the perfect basis for the professional implementation of bonding processes in accordance with the DIN standard 2304.

Overview of all products:

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