Series production of PU foam gaskets

Automated FIPFG plant offers maximum flexibility

Foam gaskets made of polyurethane (PU) protect components from dirt, dust and moisture. They are used both in classic automotive construction and in the field of mobile energy, for example in electric vehicles, e-scooters or charging stations. PU foam gaskets are applied, for example, to components for loudspeakers, lights, ventilation grilles or tank caps using the FIPFG process (formed-in-place foam gasket). A fully automated system that meets all requirements in terms of process reliability and quality standards is suitable for series production with high quantities.

With the dynamicLine, DOPAG offers such a system. At the same time, it ensures the user maximum flexibility in series production, as several different components can be provided with a PU foam gaskets at several points. The core of the system is the dynamic mixing head. It processes the highly reactive, multi-component polyurethane. Robots are integrated into the system concept for handling the components. Various systems, such as for pre-treatment and for process monitoring, can be easily added.

The dynamic mixing head is suitable for processing highly reactive materials. In addition to sealing foams, these also include adhesives and potting compounds. Thanks to a programmed controlled overlap, the start and end points of the foam bead merge into each other, resulting in an optimal coupling point. In addition, a Nozzle Closing System (NCS) ensures a seamless closure of the foam gasket. It prevents drops from forming at the cannula outlet, which could then lead to an unclean sealing bead or contamination of the component or the belt system. The material is supplied via two pressure vessels. Refill units ensure a constant material flow and uninterrupted production. This ensures clean, process-reliable and high-quality production of the PU foam gaskets in series production at all times. 

Series production of PU foam gaskets

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