Precise potting of filters and filter elements

Individually configured metering and mixing systems for filter production

Modern air pollution control systems with highly effective filter systems make a significant contribution to keeping exhaust air from industrial plants clean. Numerous manufacturers rely on DOPAG metering and mixing technology for their production. For example, we supply a leading global manufacturer with the plant technology for potting filters and filter elements. In the applications, self-sealing element heads are cast onto the filter elements.

The filter material used is a polyester needle felt, which is available in various qualities and air permeability factors, selected according to the application. The filter obtains its high dimensional stability due to continuously connected pleat tips. The pleats are made on special pleating machines. A polyurethane or epoxy element base rigidly molded to the pleat tips then gives this filter exceptional overall stability.

The manufacturer relies on metering and mixing systems from DOPAG because they are particularly precise, reliable and durable. Approximately one ton of polyurethane and/or epoxy is processed in production every month. In addition to a high level of operational reliability, DOPAG offers support in all plant engineering matters as well as comprehensive service and maintenance. 

An eldomix metering and mixing system from DOPAG is used to cast the filters. It operates with gear pumps and enables precise metering of the material. It also meets all the requirements for use in partially and fully automated plants. 

In this case, the filter body is clamped in a tool holder before the element head is sprued. A special mold ensures that no potting material enters the filter. Then, when the material has set, the filters are demolded, deburred and are ready for immediate installation. 

Product page of the dispensing system eldomix

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