rotordis: 1K progressive cavity pump system

Continuous processing of single-component materials

rotordis is an eccentric screw metering system designed for conveying and metering single-component materials. It is suitable for water-thin to paste-like, highly viscous media. The medium can be supplied from pressure tanks or barrel pumps, depending on the viscosity. A material pressure regulator ensures constant input pressure. It is generally applied directly from the metering system onto the component. Together with the servo-motor drive, this enables both dynamic metering and a controllable back suction effect for a clean thread break. In the case of limiting ambient conditions, a hose connection and dispensing valve can also be used.

The heart of the system, which consists of only two components, is the stator-rotor combination. This is a volumetric metering system that is sealed leak-free. It conveys the material continuously through the system without volume limitation, with low shear and gently in the axial direction, making it particularly suitable for filled media.

The electronic metering control unit, which is specially customised for this metering system, ensures optimal customisation of all application-specific parameters and supports integration into automated production processes through a standardised interface. The integrated touch panel ensures simple, clear communication with the operator. 

Product properties

  • Uninterrupted metering
  • Speed-proportional conveying
  • Valve-less system
  • Conveying of abrasive media
  • Low pulsation and shear
  • High repeatability and metering precision, ±1%

Technical Specifications

Size Flow volume ml/U Input pressure bar Operating
pressure* bar
Speed range* min.
min ⁻¹
min. / max.
1 0,01 / 0,05 / 0,15 / 0,30 max. 6 max. 10 1 / 150
2 0,30 / 1,00 / 2,00 max. 8 max. 20 1 / 400
3 4,00 max. 8 max. 20 1 / 400
      * Depending on
* Depending on