PU foam gaskets in focus

New issue of the customer magazine exact reports on solutions for gasketing as well as for greasing, bonding and potting

What are the advantages of automatically applied PU foam gaskets compared to manually inserted gaskets? What are the advantages of an automated solution with DOPAG's dynamicLine? - In the second issue of our customer magazine exact, you can find out everything about gasketing. We present our solution for dynamic mixing, provide background information on the technology and use application cases to show how PU foam gaskets can be applied automatically.

Bonding and contactless greasing
In Switzerland, the world's first rectractable solar roof will be bonded with metering and mixing technology from DOPAG. We present how this works. In addition, a technical article informs about contactless greasing, which valves are available and what is important to know about the application. Further articles inform about solutions for the automotive and household appliance industries.

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