The linear robot

Solution for automated gasketing, bonding and potting

The dynamic mixing head, in conjunction with a linear robot, ensures precise material application and efficient production. The linear robot is available in two different types, offering different movement speeds and accelerations.


  • Highly dynamic AC servo and rack and pinion drive on X and Y axis
  • Torsionally stiff precision gears and couplings
  • Guide system with maintenance-free, low-wear linear bearings
  • Mechanical limit stop and wear-free software limit switches
  • Supported energy chain, accommodation of pneumatic and electrical lines
  • Repeat accuracy: < 0.15 mm (ISO 9283)
  • Programming via G code, G code converter may be used
  • Load capacity: 20 kg

6 series: for basic styles

  • Movement speed: X = 36 m/min; Y = 36 m/min; Z = 24 m/min
  • Max. acceleration: 6 m/s²
  • Larger discharge quantities
  • Larger radii > 5 mm
  • For small to medium-sized capacities

10 series: For complex styles

  • Movement speed: X = 60 m/min; Y = 60 m/min; Z = 24 m/min
  • Max. acceleration: 10 m/s²
  • Smaller sealing beads
  • Smaller radii < 5 mm (with high speed)
  • Faster accelerations for more precise, smooth disengaging of radii

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