Successful start for DOPAG’s new business segment: Contract gasketing

Consultancy and flexible solutions for small and large series production now among the offered services

Customers of the metering and mixing technology manufacturer DOPAG have been enjoying newly extended services for foam gasketing this year. The company has opened up its technology and expertise in foam gasketing for contract manufacturing, offering options that include sampling, prototyping and small series and mass production. Several dynamicLine systems are already in full operation at the company sites in Mannheim and Hohenems (Austria), working to complete current orders on schedule. Meanwhile, additional capacity is being built up in other locations.

"With contract manufacturing, we are offering an economical alternative, which is being very well received," says Daniel Geier, Chief Technology Officer. "Our customers can benefit from a flexible solution, be that for small series production or for short-term production peaks. It means they do not need their own production line with skilled labour, the costs are easy to keep an eye on at all times and it is also way of easily ensuring a continuous production." The last advantage was also the decisive factor for a current major customer of DOPAG, for whom foam gaskets for electronic components and control cabinets are being produced. Other applications for foam gaskets can be found in the automotive and lighting industries or the production of household appliances, filters and packaging for example. Even a project for the production of the tiniest of seals can take advantage DOPAG support.

Personalised advice and partnerships with material manufacturers
All DOPAG contract gasketing services are based on the principle of personalised advice. For example, customers can receive support with the development work and with prototyping. The company also maintains partnerships with various material manufacturers. "We have already successfully completed trials with material manufacturers and are able to process almost all available foam materials," explains Geier. This means that there are no barriers to always choosing the best performing material for an application. Moreover, customisations and even development are possible.

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