DOPAG presents itself with a new design

DOPAG celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. On the occasion of this milestone, the company will receive a new image which will be presented in October at "Bondexpo", trade fair for industrial bonding technology in Stuttgart, Germany.

This brand relaunch is part of the new orientation with which DOPAG will receive a more distinct market presence. While DOPAG has, up to now, always been mentioned in conjunction with Hilger u. Kern, it will appear as an individual brand from now on. "In particular, our goal is to strengthen DOPAG as brand," explains Steffen Knaus, CEO of the Hilger u. Kern GmbH. The addition "Member of the HILGER & KERN GROUP" illustrates the still existing association with the parent company in Mannheim. The brand relaunch also includes an overhauled booth as well as a new homepage. This is where customers will be provided with information regarding applications, products, and international activities.

At the same time, the company is working on its global expansion. In the future, DOPAG will focus on selected applications and the corresponding target branches. "We have defined focus markets in which we are planning to become a leading force for innovation," says Daniel Geier, CTO, regarding the strategy. "Our goal is to stand our ground within the core applications and branches against the top 3 global providers and become one of them within the next three to five years.

Market leaders from various key industries are already on DOPAG's list of references. These industries include the aviation sector, the wind turbine industry, the automotive OEM and Tier 1 sector as well as the transport sector. "We have accompanied these companies during their global expansion and we have internationally grown with them in the process," says Dr. Mike Wehmeier, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. "Regarding the further development of our company, however, we will not only push forward on the product level but also in the areas of sales, culture, and infrastructure."

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