New rotary applicator for 360° lubrication

Greater flexibility for contactless material application

The contactless material application offers a wide range of possibilities and a high flexibility in greasing and oiling of components. It is always challenging when the inside of holes has to be greased or oiled. DOPAG has developed the rotary applicator especially for 360° shot applications from a distance. The patented valve can be attached to the DOPAG SHV-01 shot valve and integrated into automated production lines.

The rotary applicator offers a wide range of applications thanks to different rotation discs, various diameters can be covered. The amount of the material can be variably adjusted. A wide range of rotation speed ensures an ideal material distribution. The valve seat closes completely, so there will be no material dripping. Overspray will be avoided. Further, self cleaning with a special spinning function is included. A heating and a silencer kit are available as options. In addition, devices for a higher process safety such as a light barrier or a stroke detection can be added.

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