New metering system for coating base paper

Coatingmix from DOPAG processes silicone in the production of stickers

To enable stickers to be removed from their base paper, the base paper is given a silicone coating. This sounds simple, but it involves a complex metering and mixing process. With its coatingmix metering system, DOPAG offers an efficient, safe solution that is specially tailored to this application, meeting all requirements and offering high flexibility.

Coatingmix can be easily integrated into both automated and existing application systems. It fills the material reservoir and keeps this full during production. The metering system is suitable for all system types as well as for the highest coating speeds (from 200 m/min to > 1,000 m/min). coatingmix enables the processing of silicone coatings with two to seven components. Different system configurations are available depending on the number of components desired. Several variants of the formula can also be produced, stored and accessed flexibly.

Coatingmix provides the material in a consistently high quality at all times and with a high level of metering precision (max. deviation < 0.5 %). The material is supplied directly from original containers such as IBC containers or 200-litre drums. This speeds up the refilling process, saves materials and ensures a neat workspace. Independent processing of the individual components ensures continuous supply throughout the production process. A colour touch display also ensures ease of use and simple management of the formula variants stored.

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