New e-services from DOPAG

Customers take part in material tests, machine acceptance tests or training online – without having to travel to a production site

How will my specific material behave with the DOPAG metering and mixing system? How can I manage the maintenance of my system independently? – Before purchasing a system, and in day-to-day production operations, many questions arise that call for direct communication with the technicians and engineers at DOPAG. With the new range of e-services, DOPAG customers can now discuss many different issues online with the DOPAG expert team.

The new e-services include:  

  • Tests via live video: preliminary discussions and carrying out tests 
  • Acceptance via live video: FATs prior to delivery of metering and mixing systems 
  • Production support: in case of any problems during production, DOPAG technicians can provide rapid assistance online 
  • User and maintenance training

‘For us, a good partnership is the cornerstone of a successful collaboration,’ says Alexander Kessler, Director Technical Service Center. ‘We therefore also provide all of our services online – whether it’s for quick, simple communication in case of any problems with the system or for comprehensive tests and training.’ DOPAG has procured a wide range of equipment to organise the online events. For example, in the case of tests, users can follow exactly what is happening remotely via four different camera views. All camera views are displayed together on the screen. Modern meeting tools such as Skype or Microsoft Teams may be used. No additional software is necessary. 

The benefits were clear within a short space of time. Appointments can be found significantly faster. The group of participants can be expanded instantly as needed or, in the case of face-to-face sessions with a small number of participants, additional participants can be added via video. This saves time and travel expenses. 

‘The customer feedback is extremely positive,’ says Alexander Kessler. ‘The customers feel as though they are there in person.’ This concept is also being applied at DOPAG’s offices for project-related meetings and video tests as well as for internal training. The new e-services are available at DOPAG’s production sites in Germany, Switzerland and France. Other sites will follow in the coming months.

Further customer services 

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