MM Award for FLT und DOPAG

During the international trade fair AUTOMATICA in Munich the „Gantry Robot with Sealing Application“ won the MM Award. The system consists of an FLT robot and a Vectomix metering and mixing unit by DOPAG.

With the MM Award, the magazine MM MaschinenMarkt recognizes the most innovative exhibits of the fair in seven categories. Among the many candidates seven winners were selected by the jury, consisting of knowledgeable and competent editors of the journal.

In the category of "Assembly" FLT and DOPAG were able to prevail with the „Gantry Robot with Sealing Application“ and win the prestigious award. The FLT system allows for the first time automated geometry detection, dosage and application within the sealing process. It was developed especially for customers in the aviation sector for sealing joints and edges of large Carbon Fiber parts.

The system fully connects the three components, a) sensor technology b) robot and c) the metering system. An optical sensor is mounted on the dosing head of the sealant. This sensor can detect the present gap geometry, measure it and calculate the required amount of sealant in only one single process step. In the same operation, the calculated amount is dosed and applied.

The system thus allows a real-time communication of all involved components and an immediate response to adapt process parameters for the first time. This is made possible by an integrated processor inside the scanner which does the image and data processing and communicates with the robot and the metering. This allows both measurement drives as well as adhesive application in one single movement.

Substantial savings and improvements can be realized in terms of processing time, repeatability and material usage with this automated application. For the customer, this means a significantly reduced expenditure of time, increased productivity and lower costs.

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